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"I know I am very safe with Laura. Laura’s approach helps me know I am so welcome here. She has encouraged me and I appreciate her professionalism…. Counselling has been such a good decision for me. I came because the literature assured me it can be ‘self-care’. I have known this process would help me untangle things but this idea of self care me to take the step…Counselling in the warm, safe room with Laura, coupled with the space, nature and openness of Ashburnham is unique and wonderful…Laura has helped me navigate many different areas and her insight, training and spirit in her helps me make sense, see patterns and different perspectives."

“I was very impressed by Laura’s gentleness, patience and that I never feel pushed to go beyond where I feel comfortable… I’ve never had counselling before and didn’t know what to expect. I’ve found that Laura has assisted me to ‘unpack’ gradually some issues… I particularly appreciate that I can be absolutely assured that what I say is confidential and that this is a ‘safe place’ "

“…it was good to talk to a ‘neutral' person about everything (even little problems) without feeling ashamed and without feeling 'judged’ "

“[My Counsellor] was gentle, welcoming and reassuring… [Counselling] allowed me to talk over difficult things in a safe environment - helped me to resolve issues.”

“Initial contact and the arrangement of subsequent counselling sessions was very easy and stress free. My counsellor Emily was excellent, very supportive, sympathetic and empathic...I, with the help of Emily, have achieved the goals we set-out at our first session and I now feel “myself” and 100% better than I did when we started.”

“… the counselling has really helped me get through a very tough time. I have, with Laura’s help, worked through difficult times and traumas of my past and I feel that Laura has always known what to say and how to help along with making some very helpful suggestions… The eco-therapy is a wonderful idea that I have also used and found very helpful and it compliments the counselling service perfectly in such a beautiful setting.”

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