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“Eco-Therapy” may sound like a strange, new fad in the world of alternative health but is in fact a highly-endorsed approach to well-being, which draws on modern psychology, ecological awareness, ancient wisdom, a lot of common sense and an ever-expanding volume of scientific research.

Broadly speaking, “Eco-Therapy” is an umbrella term for a diverse variety of nature-based restorative practices. Including: Horticultural Initiatives, Wilderness Experiences, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Walking Therapy, Nature Awareness and many more.

Bench in Prayer Garden

What is Eco-therapy like at Ashburnham Place?

Ashburnham Place offers the incredible gift of a landscape dedicated, for over 50 years, to healing, rest, recovery and nourishment for people from all walks of life. It has been a haven of peace, a place of blessing and an oasis in the busyness of life.

Your experience of Eco-Therapy will be designed specifically for you and with you. We have a variety of pre-prepared, guided Eco-Therapy exercises that we tailor to suit your needs as your therapy progresses.

Sometimes you will do these guided exercises alone (we do not charge for these periods!); at other times your therapist can join you and work alongside you. (The grounds of Ashburnham Place are gentle and easy to navigate but we will provide you with a Map and Health and Safety information too).

Eco-Therapy can be used entirely on its own, or as a powerful compliment to the perhaps more familiar styles of working that our therapists use within the counselling room.


Eco-Therapy might suit you, if you:

  • like the idea of connecting with nature to improve well-being
  • are aware that your mood is impacted by your surroundings
  • are suffering from depression or anxiety
  • recognise that nature nourishes your faith or spirituality
  • want to learn to feel more relaxed, balanced and centered
  • suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • recognise your need to slow down
  • want to find inner-strength
  • have experienced loss or bereavement
  • have had profound moments in nature before
  • want help with anger issues
  • would like to develop your natural intuition and instincts
  • feel nervous about talking 1-1 with a Counsellor
  • have experienced abuse or trauma
  • are looking for an approach that you can continue after therapy has finished
  • are in need of comfort
  • prefer to learn by doing and being
  • have had struggles with addiction
  • want to try something different


Client Feedback

“I picked the most glorious day to begin my Eco Therapy journey and I am so glad that you suggested it as an extension to my counselling. I hadn’t previously heard of it as a form of therapy but after you explained what it was in brief I decided to give it a go…. I followed the path you suggested, stopping and taking it all in along the way on occasion. I wished I had done something similar sooner as the peace and tranquility was so therapeutic and penetrating I really felt a big part of my surroundings and at one with nature. There was a real spiritual feel… I was determined as I walked round to clear my head of any specific thoughts and just see where my journey took me… I ended my walk round feeling a little hypnotised by nature if that makes sense? The sense of calm I felt was quite inexplicable.”

The Future

The Trust that own Ashburnham Place continues to be committed to developing ways in which to provide a positive and life-giving impact on society. In the year ahead we will also be developing group Eco-Therapy sessions, including the opportunity to work therapeutically within our Labyrinth.

Photographs by Jay Ashworth


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