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What should I expect from the initial session?

Your first session, is an initial assessment, where you are invited to meet with your Counsellor to discuss your needs and help you clarify what you hope to get from therapy. You will have the opportunity to consider your options about whether/how to best proceed.

Who is counselling for and how can it help?

Having a safe place and person to talk to, can help if you are experiencing difficulties such as:

childhood neglect
chronic pain/illness
domestic violence
eating disorders
family break-up
low self-esteem
panic attacks
post-traumatic stress
relationship difficulties
sexual abuse
sexual difficulties

What if I do not struggle with anything listed above?

We haven’t listed all the reasons people come to therapy. Please get in touch to let us know your needs.

Sometimes, people have therapy simply as a means of support and self-care. This is particularly helpful if you have a role in which you are supporting others.

How long are appointments?

Each session will last 50 minutes

How often will I have sessions?

This varies for each client, but in order to benefit from continuity, the breadth and depth of all that therapy can offer, we recommend weekly appointments.

How long will therapy last?

We offer open-ended counselling, so clients can decide at any point to end therapy. The entire duration of therapy depends on a range of factors – it may be just a few sessions or it may continue over several weeks or months. Your counsellor will regularly review with you how you feel your therapy is progressing.

What days or times can I schedule a session?

Appointments are available Wednesday – Saturday, 9am-6pm.  Our counsellors will do their best to find a time convenient for you.

How soon can I be seen?

Please be aware, due to high demand, we often have a waiting list so there may be a delay before you can start therapy. Please make your enquiry as soon as you can in order to secure your place on the list.

What type of therapy is it?

We offer an integrative ‘client-led’ approach to counselling that includes different theories and methodologies which your counsellor will select according to your needs. If it’s important to you, our counsellors will follow your lead in incorporating your faith and spirituality into the counselling process. We fully respect the client’s right to hold their own faith, beliefs and values.

Is there free parking available?

Yes. We have two main carparks within 2 minutes walk of the counselling room.

Is Ashburnham Place Therapy disability-friendly?

 Yes. For example, wheelchair access to ground-floor counselling room and toilet. However, please let us know in advance of your requirements with regard to access, mobility or any other difficulties you may have, so we can make your visit as comfortable and straightforward as possible.

Where else can I find therapists?

In cases when we are unable to see clients, we recommend further investigation on the BACP, UKCP, and ACC directory for local counsellors. Alternatively, for more immediate or emergency help, please contact the Samaritans by calling 116 123 (UK).

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